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Tile And Grout Steam Cleaning

We offer professional Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning starting at $7.00 per square meter with a minimum call-out of 12 square meters.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for prolonging the lifespan of your floors. Over time, floors accumulate dust, soil, debris, and bacteria, leading to darkened grout color.

Our Five-Step Tile and Grout Cleaning Procedure:

  1. Inspection: Our technician carefully inspects the floor area to determine the type of tiles and select the appropriate cleaning product.

  2. Debris Removal: Obstacles in the cleaning area are removed.

  3. Cleaning Solution: A pretreatment product is sprayed and agitated to loosen dirt.

  4. High-Pressure Steam Cleaning and Extraction: High-pressure steam is applied to the floor, extracting dirty water without any mess or splashes.

  5. Drying: The floor is mopped or dried using air moving equipment.

Please note that using vinegar on your tiles is not recommended as it can damage the grout, turning it into a sand-like condition due to its acidic nature.

Invest in professional tile and grout cleaning to restore the cleanliness and appearance of your floors. Contact us today to schedule a service.

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